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European Armour Union Private Funds & Asset Management Division


Singapore Pioneer in offering Private Funds Asset Management with:


1) Upfront immediate Investment payment return with pay out on a US$ 3 million Property soon after US$10 million invested funds signed up with us.


2) No Management & Commission Fee.


3) Full investment US$ 10 million refunds due in 3 years with immediate upfront Investment return pay out a US$ 3 million property in Singapore plus full Singapore citizenship.


Alternative Option 2 - Investment amount at US$1 Million, get a US$ 300,000 Sport Car within 1 week upfront.


30% investment funds return within 3 years.


Firm is Well Connected to All Developed Nations Top Supreme Government’s Officials



Traders are back up by ex-GIC top traders with more than 20 years of experiences.


Secure and Safe

An ACRA registered private exempt company will be formed per client’s fund to allow clients to monitor & retaken their invested funds at the end of the 3 years’ time frame with full contracts signed at the beginning of the funds to relinquished the private fund manager role.

Our Bank Details:

Beneficiary Name: European Armour Union Pte. Ltd.

Beneficiary Address: 10 Anson Road #10-11, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Bank Name: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited Singapore

Bank code: 7339

Bank Address: 65 Chulia Street, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513

USD Bank A/C No: 601269087201

EUR Bank A/C No: 601269087201

SGD Bank A/C No: 601299910001



Interested please e-mail us at: director@euroau.com

European Armour Union Pte Ltd

10 Anson Road #10-11 

Singapore 079903

E-mail: sales@euroau.com

Web site http://www.euroau.com